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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ReNae is back! And I have a question...

Hi Bloggers!
I have been home for a few weeks now.  My surgery was a success and I am just counting the days until I can go out and dance!  Well, maybe not dance, but at  least go out.
I am still on "Toe touch weight bearing" only for now, so I am walking with a walker, but I go to St. Louis on Aug. 22 to see the surgeon.  He will surely let me walk on the leg by then...

I have a question for you all.  I have photos of the surgery, and some of them are quite scary to see if you are not used to viewing such photos.  Do you want to see the photos or do you not want to see them?  Most are quite mild, many are of friends who visited me while I was there, and some are of me in therapy, but there ARE some which show the staples.  To me it's not too hard, as I looked at it every day for two weeks.  And of course to see the before shots gives you a much better understanding of the after photos and how well the surgery went.
The photos are of my left leg, before surgery, after surgery and everything in between.  I do not have actual "surgery" photos, (like when the actual surgery took place--not those)  just what my leg looked like when I got to the rehab. facility.
I am sensitive to your views, so please let me know what you think.
I am so proud of my progress, I guess that's why I wanted to share.  But I will only do it if you want to see.
Much love to you all,
I have missed you guys,